Tricky Moving Scenarios (And How We Can Help You Handle Them)

Nobody jumps straight into a move – you’ve probably been thinking about it for months (possibly even years) before you finally plucked up the courage and contacted  the removals company. There are a number reasons why you might have taken so long to get round to your move, but definitely  one of the main reasons why people put it off is that they know there will be some real difficulties, and they’re not sure how they’ll deal with it. Luckily for you, we’ve seen just about everything you could imagine since we started moving people, and we know how to handle anything that is thrown our way. Here are some common ‘tricky scenarios’ that we see, and information on how we deal with them:


Large/Awkward items
Many people will put off their move because they’re unsure how their larger and more awkward items will be moved, and wonder if it is even possible for them to be moved. For example, you might have an expensive and sentimentally valuable grand piano sitting in your house that you’ve been staring at for a while, unsure of how anyone would be able to shift it. But instead of wondering, why not just ask? If you’re unsure how an item will be moved, simply phone your removals company and they’ll advise as best as they can.


Valuable items
Just because an item isn’t big, doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be a cause for stress. The idea of taking your valuable items (which are often given to you by family or friends) and packing them away into a vehicle can understandably be a worry, especially if they’re fragile or prone to scratches. The best way to try and alleviate some of this stress is to ensure that the removals company you’re working with are supplying adequate packaging which will keep the items safe. At Guardian, the packaging that we use for our moves has been tested rigorously and has always performed excellently for our customers.


One of our team using our boxes for valuable items



The costs involved in your move will always vary greatly, but people will often assume that their move will be far more expensive than it actually is. The main reason that people are under this impression is that they speak to others who’ve never actually moved before, and they get the wrong idea of costs. If you really want to know how much your move will cost, you can do a few things – firstly, you can talk to people who’ve actually moved before, from a similarly sized property as you’ll be moving from. You might even be able to find the invoice or receipt that they were given by the company that they used, or details of the quotes that they received when they were searching for a company to work with.

Alternatively, and much more easily, you can phone removal companies and ask them for rough estimates based on the size of your property, the amount of items to be moved and the planned date for the move.



Regardless of how much prior planning you’ve done, a move is usually not a very quick process. It will require huge amounts of planning, and if you don’t have everything sorted and ready for the day of the move, then you could find that your entire plan has to be restructured to avoid catastrophes – like leaving your old house and not having the keys to your new house!


Fortunately, you should always be able to rely on the support of your removals company in these instances. Although they won’t be able to actually do this kind of work for you (as it will require you to provide documents and your signature), they can give you advice on how to prepare for the move to ensure that you have plenty of time.


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