Top Tips For Packing Expensive and Fragile Items On Moving Day

Moving home can be stressful, it can be more stressful than a lot of other tasks. There are many ways however, that can limit the disruption caused. One secret to this success is to plan and figure how you’re going to protect your delicate items during transit.

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If you plan on using a reliable moving company like Guardian Moving & Storage we have a full packing service that enables safe transit of all your goods. If you’re planning on using other methods these are ways you can ensure that all your items arrive safe and sound.

Insuring your items

It could be something to think about to insure your items before moving day. This way you have peace of mind during the whole process so even if something was to happen, you are insured for any loss or damage to your possessions. Hint: Compare different insurers to get the best deal.

Use the right packing material

By packing your goods in the right way, it enables them to be safe during the whole moving process. With clever thinking and the right packaging, this could really make the difference by using:

  • Clean newspaper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam peanuts

By using the likes of clean newspaper and bubble wrap, it’s like an extra layer of cushion so it prevents any damage to your goods during transit. Please be aware though that old newspaper can sometimes rub onto your fabrics so if you’re wrapping cushions for example make sure that the ink won’t rub onto the fabric.

When considering what type of packaging should be covered for delicate items, you should consider wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap. Foam peanuts can also add another layer of protection.

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Strong packaging tape

When you’re closing boxes it’s Important to use the right type of tape. We recommend using a sturdy, strong packaging tape that will keep the boxes closed during the duration of the move. Many people use the likes of flimsy cellotape that isn’t strong enough to keep the boxes closed.

Dismantling your furniture

It might take a bit longer than you would like but consider dismantling your furniture before the move. It will make it a lot easier during the transportation process while it will minimise scratches too. Also, keep all your screws etc in a clean bag so you don’t lose everything that goes with the furniture.

Moving by yourself does have it’s challenges but these tips will help minimise the risk of damage during the move.

At Guardian we’re expert removal and storage specialists. If you would like to get in contact to discuss any requirements we’d be more than happy to discuss. We service the UK and mainland Europe, no removal service is too big for us.

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