Top Tips For Cleaning Your Home Before Selling

If you’re moving home this summer and putting your beloved home up for sale and you’re wanting the highest possible return then you need to make your home is looking as attractive as possible for interested parties.  It’s imperative to make sure that the house is cleaned expertly. You need to view the home as a potential buyer and wonder what they would think walking inside.

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It might take you a while to do but you have to make sure that the home is brought up to the highest possible standard. Make sure places such as the bathroom and kitchen are sparkling, make sure that all damage is repaired and even make sure the garden is in an acceptable condition.

Here are the tips to go by when cleaning your home:

Make the outside to look easy on the eye

The outside of your home is the initial selling point.  People are going to walk by and look in when they see your home for sale. They won’t be that enthused if they see a messy front lawn or dirty windows.  Here’s what you should follow when people are looking at the front of your property:

  • Make sure all windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Jet wash the drive
  • Cut away shrubs
  • Make sure blinds look good and are working properly
  • Make sure the grass is cut

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When you come to view a home, you want to have a home that’s easily accessible. This means, a place with no clutter. Make sure the rooms are as neutral as possible with some personal touches. The people viewing the property want to imagine themselves living in the property with their belongings.

It’s a good thing to check what you actually need when you decide to move, what can be thrown out and what should be given away to charity. This is a good form of decluttering. It could also be something think about, moving heavy items into storage (which Guardian also offer) so your home looks even more spacious.

The cleaning begins

Once you’ve covered the tasks previously mentioned you can now begin to clean the home and now it may seem a bit of a less daunting task doesn’t it? Every room needs to be pitch perfect. Inviting and new looking. Don’t shove things away in drawers either as people can go snooping.

These are the areas inside that should be paid most attention to:

  • Wash all inside windows
  • Get rid of all cobwebs
  • Polish all mirrors
  • Wipe well around showers, tubs, sinks and handles
  • Keep the fridge looking fresh
  • Repair cracks around the property

It’s important to dust everywhere too, under furniture, pictures etc. This doesn’t mean doing it one time, once the property is ready for sale, it means, keeping up with this routine until you’ve found a buyer.

By following these tips, it should help in the sale of your home.

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