The Best Ways To Recycle Once You’ve Moved Home

Moving home and the environment don’t really go do they?  You use a lot of boxes and other packing products on moving day. At Guardian, we know that moving is a stressful time and being eco-friendly might not be top of your priority list but here’s a list of things to consider in order to be a bit gentler to the environment.

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We’re going to give you some tips to consider once you’ve moved to your new home. So here they are:

Recycle any materials you use during the move

A number of the boxes that you’ve used during the move are probably recycled. So, it could be something to think about to recycle the materials that helped you during the move to the new house. You can post online saying have you several materials left over and if everyone followed this behaviour, mother nature would benefit.

Use a composter

You may not have done it at your old property but setting up a composter at your new place is a great way to give back to the environment. It might be coffee grounds, tea bag or food scraps but these items in the composter will help the environment flourish.

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Check local recycling options

It’s important to get in the way of recycling and doing it on a regular basis. After the move, if you have time, search online for recycling centres where you can drop off used items, bottles and clothing.

Make your home recycle friendly

If you’re serious about recycling then setting up a recycling centre in the home is a great idea. Using containers to hold glass, clothing items and paper. By setting up these in different ways, when it comes to recycling them, it becomes much easier as they’re separated.

Pack properly

During the moving process most people tend to get rid of unwanted items. It’s a good thing to have a box set aside for anything you don’t want or need. It means you carry less during the move but someone else can benefit from the goods you no longer need.

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