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So, it’s summer time in Glasgow but sometimes the weather can be a hit or miss so you may be thinking of heading away to a sunnier climate this month. It can be a tad worrying leaving your home for a significant amount of time, whether that’s for a few days or a couple of weeks.  Did you lock the back door? Where’re the spare keys for the front door? Did we leave the iron on? Are all your belongings going to be safe while you’re away?


A solution to this predicament would be to rent a storage container that takes the stress out of the whole situation. If you’re looking for your Glasgow storage items to be taken care of then look no further than Guardian Moving and Storage to take of the entire process for you.

While you’re away relaxing by the beach or the pool with a nice drink you don’t really want to be thinking about valuables being safe in the house or not. Our storage containers in Edinburgh could be the choice for you.

Check out the reasons why you should consider storage this summer:

There’s less worry

The perfect opportunity for a break in happens during the summer months when you’re away on holiday. Sometimes it’s better to play the safe card with your belongings than sorry. So keeping your goods in a container means you won’t need to worry about any unfortunate event when you’re away.

Security is vital

Security is the main thing to think about when going away on holiday.  With secure surroundings and a 24-hr security system, there’s nothing more secure than a self-storage unit.

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While you’re away from home

Burst pipes can occur when you’re away which might cause a flood. That’s something you don’t want to hear about while sipping on a beer. Take the worry away by the use of a storage unit. No flooding here.

Time passes by

You might only be away for a few days or it could be a few months. In that time, your belongings can become mouldy and dust can start to cling to your valuables. It might not seem long enough for damage to occur but you never know what could happen. To avoid these accidents occurring, a self-storage unit is a great idea.

Important documents

It’s not always your valuables that can be stolen, it can also be documentation. It might not always be the first thing that you think about. It’s vitally important that their taken care of. Let’s just say for argument’s sake there’s a flood at your home. Your birth certificate or house insurance documents end up floating around the house. It’s something that can be avoided.

At Guardian, we take care of all your belongings so you don’t have to.  All your goods will be 100% safe with us. We have all the storage solutions right here while you’re away from Glasgow on holiday.

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