Tips for a smooth house move

Moving house can be a stressful time, and most homeowners would welcome any way to relieve some of that stress easily – as would the removals company helping them! Fortunately there are plenty of simple methods that you can use to streamline the entire process, which we’ve detailed below:


Inform people at the right time

We already have a blog post that outlines who you need to tell that you’re moving, but what is equally important is when you tell them. If you leave it too late then you might find that you’re without essentials like Internet access and a live telephone when you arrive at your new house. Equally, changing your details over too early can also cause issues to arise, like letters arriving at your new house before you’ve even arrived. The best way to ensure that your move synchronizes with these changes as best as possible is to speak to your suppliers over the phone if possible a few weeks before your move. You’ll be able to let them know the exact dates and make sure that they swap the details on the day that you’re moving so there is no delay once you’ve moved in.


Pack at the right time

Some companies will recommend that you pack as early as possible, and others will recommend that you leave it until the last minute, but we’d suggest finding a middle ground. It simply isn’t viable for people to pack their belongings away early, as there are certain items which you need on a daily basis like clothes and dinnerware. Packing too late can create obvious problems too, like not giving yourself enough time to pack properly and having to postpone the move. Often the best way to pack is in stages; pack away larger items first which you probably won’t need until you’ve moved, and pack the smaller items that you need on a daily basis once the day of the move is a bit closer.



Contact the removals company early and do your research

You might have an ideal date in mind for your move, but the truth is that removal companies are often busy and might not be able to move on the day that you want. This is especially true during busier periods like summer, when companies are often booked for moves weeks in advance. So to avoid being unable to move on the day that you want, make sure that you contact the removals company well in advance. This will give you the best chance of being able to move on your chosen date with your desired company. Otherwise, you could end up having to use the services of a company who won’t provide you with the services that you need.


Say your goodbyes early

Not just to people, but to your house. If you want to have one last hurrah to say goodbye to your house then organize a party a few weeks before your move so you have plenty of time to tidy up afterwards. There is nothing worse than trying to clean up the mess after a party when you’re also trying to arrange a house move. Furthermore, if you have a house party and your guests know that you’re moving soon then they might be less careful of how they treat the house. All it takes is one broken window or a damaged wall and the move can be set back by months until the issues are sorted out. So give yourself plenty of time to say your goodbyes so you’re not rushing to clean (or repair!) your house before you move.

Here is an infographic that you can use to ensure that your house move goes smoothly:

checklist for moving house


As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider before, during and after a house move. But even a small bit of planning can save you hours of stress. If you need any more advice for your removal or need the services of a reliable moving company, get in touch with us today.