What Questions To Ask Neighbours When Moving

When you decide to move you have the chance to find the perfect area to live, the chance to create the residence of your dreams, decorate it in any way you see fit, set up your living space so it suits your practical needs and turn your new home into a place that suits your aesthetic preferences.

Before you put your own mark on your new home you need to find the place where you’ll live comfortably and happy for many years and that isn’t easy.  There’s a lot of things you need to go through like finding the right type of place for you and your loved ones and a locale that is safe, near to where you work and an area that has varied amenities and entertainment options.

You may have located a great property that suits your needs but you still can’t make the final decision just yet. You need to figure out what the local surroundings are like. And how do you find this out? By asking the neighbours of course! Here, you can ask them all sorts of questions on the area, the community and everything else. Your neighbours will be able to give you the inside information.Image result for neighbours friendly

Questions to ask before you’ve bought your home

Is it a thriving neighbourhood?

Can you find everything you need in the local vicinity? Is there an abundance of local services and amenities? What successful businesses are in the area? Is the area expanding? Is it a lively place to live and work?

It’s best to ask the residents their thoughts. You might be able to get an idea of the area from exploring yourself but the residents will have all the inside knowledge.

Is it a safe place to bring up a family?

You can get statistical information online from the local police department on the crime and traffic accident rate, however, you can get more information from locals by asking them specific things. This can range from; Do they let their children play outside without supervision? Do they have alarms on their homes? Is there a problem with youth crime? Etc.

What’s the commute to work like?

Even if most of the places you go to on a daily basis (your office, your kids school, the bank, your favourite restaurant) are all situated close to your home it’s good to get an overview of what the local transport options are and how busy it gets at rush hour.

You might want to ask them the conditions of the road, parking availability and anything else that might help you determine the commute time.

 Is it a child friendly area?

This might not be relevant to everyone but if you have kids or plan to have a family in the near future then it’s vital that you study the local area to make sure that it’s suitable. This includes good schools, a reliable healthcare system, a community centre and areas where kids can relax and have fun.

Ask local residents about parks in the area, the local schools around, popular things to do and if there’s day-care centres available. Image result for neighbours friendly

What’s the local community like?

It’s good to get a better understanding of the local community and what general day to day life is actually like.  Other questions to ask include;

Are there neighbourhood events such as local BBQ’s, festivals during the year?

Are there young families, lots of young people or OAP’s living in the neighbourhood?

Is it quiet at night?

What general concerns do locals have?

 Do they know anything about the house you are considering buying?

Your neighbours will have a good idea of what’s going on at the property you’re considering. All you need to do is ask and you’ll find out every detail you need – how well looked after the property was, the kind of people who lived there before, any accidents caused by floods and storms and so on.

Neighbours can tell you about general issues that can affect everyone in the neighbourhood like root problems and other hazards.

Finding out these questions will enable you to decide whether your lifestyle fits in here and whether you’ll feel at home in your new surroundings.

So you’ve found out everything you need about the property and you’ve decided to go ahead and buy it.  Now you have another challenge to face, adjusting to the new environment. Your helpful neighbours can again be a vital source of information here. They will be able to help you with several worries you may have as well as becoming a supportive network in the transition to your new home.

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Questions to ask neighbours after moving home

Once you move, it’s important to introduce yourself to the neighbours not long after you move. You can start a friendly conversion about the community and broad questions about the neighbourhood you’ve moved to:

What is there to do in the area?

Neighbours will be able to tell you about local events coming up, local clubs and other general information. We suggest get involved with the local community so you feel a sense of connection and belonging.

What are the best places to eat, hang out and have fun at?

It’s good for your neighbours to let you know where you can enjoy a delicious meal, places to relax and hang out, what businesses and services to avoid and so on.

Where’s fun to go and explore?

Get to know your community by finding out where the shopping centre is and other parts of the neighbourhood where people go to, to meet and relax.

What not to do in your new surroundings?

What’s frowned upon in the area? It’s good to avoid troublesome or dangerous situations by listening to your neighbour’s advice. Like; where not to park, where to avoid at night etc.

Is there anything YOU can help with?

You want to be a reliable and friendly member of the community so let your neighbours know if there’s anything you can help out with.

At Guardian, we know moving can be stressful but you can make it easier by getting to know your local area before you move by asking your neighbours the right questions.

Please stay up to date on the blog and get in contact if you are needing help with any removals.