Moving With A Dog

It’s a dog’s life isn’t it? Dogs are becoming more common in Britain. Around 24% of homes in the UK now own a pet dog. They’re becoming more and more a part of our lives. People can forget that dogs need to be treated more sensitively in certain situations and this can be said when moving home. It can be a stressful time for our four legged friends. Follow the Guardian guide to moving home with man’s best friend and we’re sure they’ll be happy on arrival and their new home.

Get your dog ready for the move

Dogs love routine just like us. And like us, it can be difficult to adapt to change at first. It can be Image result for moving with a doga real shock to the system if they’re not acclimatised before the move. Make the hand over as easy as possible. Feed and walk your dog as usual at the same times. One change, to ease them into the new environment, is to take walks around the new area where you’re moving to if it isn’t too far away. This means the dog can get used to the new streets quickly without it being a stress to them.

Don’t let your dog feel abandoned

Dogs are man’s best friend. They’re also very loyal and intelligent. The last thing they want to
feel is if they’re being left behind during the move.  This can be very stressful to the dog. Try to
move things without the dog being present. Keep your pup in a room away from all the commotion. Away from all the removal activity. Furthermore, refrain from removing your dog’s toys and food bowl until you’re about actually moving.

Alternative options during the move

An alternative way to keep the dog out the house during the move to avoid any stressful situation is to use a dog sitter. You might have a friend of a family member around who the dog knows and feels comfortable with who can take care of this for you. Otherwise, there are professional services out there which can be used. Choose a company with good recommendations and a good reputation.

After the move

Your dog can quickly adapt to the new home as long as it has its toys and owner there.  Avoid washing their blanket when arriving at the new place as this will provide extra comfort for them due to the smells of the old house. Make sure in the back garden (if it’s a house you’re moving to) that there aren’t any holes in the back fence for them to escape from, It’s also worth noting to microchip your dog just to stay on the safe side.

By referring to these tips, you can make sure that dog is comfortable before, during and after the move to the new house.

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