Moving Abroad – What You Need To Know

Many people seem to be under the impression that moving abroad is comparable to moving down the road, but this really couldn’t be further from the truth. There are far more things that need to be considered, and if they aren’t addressed then they could causes major problems. A good removals company will take as much stress out of the move as possible, but ultimately there will be a few points that will need to be sorted out by yourself before you move, which we’ve outlined below:



You might think that you’ve got everything sorted with your passport, but have you prepared for when you return to the country (if you plan to do so)? You should make sure that you have at least 6 months validity from your planned return date, otherwise you might not even be let back into the country. You should also bring spare passport photos in case you lose your passport and need to get a new one quickly.



You should familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations that you need to fulfil in order to obtain a visa well before you set off for your move. It will vary greatly depending on the type of visa that you’re trying to obtain, but ultimately it will require some prior planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Keep in mind that in many cases a tourist visa won’t allow you to work in the country. (Pro tip: remember to also check the visa requirements of any countries that you’re travelling through on the way to your new home!)



There will be requirements that you need to meet to ensure that you have the ability to vote while you are living abroad, and if you fail to meet these requirements then you might lose your vote (and possibly even end up with a fine).



If you’re planning on living abroad for a considerable amount of time, you might want to consider setting up a bank account in the country that you’re moving to. It can be a good idea to approach your current bank, who might be able to offer suggestions and provide advice about what documents and information you’ll need to set up your new account. You can also contact banks in the country that you’re moving to for more information.



If you’re moving abroad for the foreseeable future then it’s highly likely that you’re going to want to drive while you’re there. Although you could sit a test in the country that you’re moving to, it is much easier to get an International Drivers Permit so you can drive in any country across the world. (Pro Tip: There is an added benefit of this as it can form part of your personal identification documents, and will save you from having to flash your passport everywhere)



You should already have arrangements in place with your new doctor before your move, to ensure that you can start using them immediately if needed. This is especially important if you’re moving your family to a brand new climate, as you may find that the change in temperature and food could cause issues for the first few weeks, particularly for children.


Have a clear out

Moving in general is the perfect time to get rid of things that you don’t need, but there are specific things that you might not need if you’re moving abroad for good. For example, will all of those hats and gloves really be necessary if you’re moving to Tenerife? Probably not. Give them to a friend, donate them or sell them online.


Sort out insurance

If you’re moving abroad into a new job, then you might already have insurance sorted out. But it’s important that you find out exactly what is included in your insurance package, otherwise you might end up with a nasty surprise if something goes wrong. For example, many companies will offer ‘medical’ insurance, but what that covers will vary wildly depending on which company you’re working with, so it’s always best to find out the details.


Hopefully this checklist will help you to get everything in order before you take the plunge and move abroad. We help all of our customers with as many aspects of a move as possible, but there are always certain things that can only be dealt with by yourself, and it’s important that you sort them out before you move.


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