What should you leave at home when moving?

When you’re moving home, it can be tempting to take everything with you. But there are certain items that are probably better off left at home, especially if you don’t want to end up paying for expensive cleaning and repairs. And moving home can actually be the perfect time to get rid of some of those items that have been clogging your room up for too long. We’ve complied a list of a few items that you should probably leave at home to make your move a bit easier:

Food near expiry date

It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to take huge amounts of food with them when they move house, and although this is fine for food items that are canned or securely packaged, it can be a problem for food that requires refrigeration to stay edible. Not only could this food be spoiled during transit, but it could also attract unwanted pests which could wreak havoc on the other items that you have packed away.

Old clothes

It’s always tempting to hold onto old clothes, either because they have sentimental value or because you think that you might wear them again in the near future. But a house move is the perfect time to get rid of clothes that you probably won’t wear ever again, and give them to someone who could use them more than you. Ask friends or family if they’d like to have them, or donate them to a local charity shop. You’ll feel better, and you’ll save some valuable space during your move.

‘Sentimental’ items

I know that the blanket that you’ve had since you were 10 means a lot to you, but do you really need it? It might sound brutal to say, but a house move can be the perfect chance to let go of some these items that you’ve become overly attached to. After all, you’ll be making new memories in your new home!

Hopefully you don’t find it too traumatic to let these items go! After all, it’ll help you to save some valuable space during your move and could be the first step in a new chapter of your life.

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