Last Minute Moving Tips

You might feel a bit stressed as moving day verges ever closer. You’re rushing around but you need to relax. Take your time and by doing this, everything gets taken care of more efficiently. At Guardian, we’ve put together  a list of tips so your head is in the game as the big day edges closer

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Packing Liquids

When packing it’s not only stressful but also tricky. Liquid packing can come under this category. Having packed liquids in a truck travelling at fast speeds can create a number of problems. However, there are ways to prevent disaster if you can take the right care beforehand. Here are the precautions to take:

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Packing The Bedroom Tips

Moral items that need to arrive in pristine condition at the new home as they hold a lot of sentimental value.  This can include the large storage space like a wardrobe, the master bed and not forgetting things like lamps and TVs. We’ve put together on some tips on how to pack the room in a way that causes the least amount of stress during moving day so let’s check it out:

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Moving To A New City Yourself

It can be a frightening experience to move to a new city alone. Moving from the likes of Edinburgh to London can take a lot of adjusting due to the scale of it all. Moving to a new place doesn’t mean you lose everything that was good about living in your hometown. Moving around is a part of life and it’s something most of us have to do at some point, whether that’s to do with work, family life or something else.

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Timeline For Moving Long Distance

Moving home is never easy, while long distance moves can be even harder. It can become overwhelming planning a move far away as the tasks can pile up. It can take weeks in advance to plan out each part of the trip. Trepidation and stress can creep in for families who are not well prepared for moving day.  At Guardian, we’ve put together a timeline of what to do in the months leading up leaving your home and venturing off onto your new adventure.

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9 Steps To Buying Your New Home

So, it’s time to buy a place. It may be time to move out of the family home for the first time or you might be moving as your family is growing. Whatever it may be, moving can be stressful at the best of times, let along finding the right home to buy.  How does the process work you ask? Guardian is here to help you through these murky waters and give you our nine-step guide to buying a new home.

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About The Guardian Team

People want to work for us. We only employ exceptional people capable of looking after you.

Your initial enquiry will be taken by our office team – Linda and Jordan. Both of them have many years’ experience helping people and businesses move.

Once your appointment is arranged our sales director Darren will deal with your needs by visiting your home or premises to provide your no obligation quotation. His invaluable advice will go a long way to make your move as simple and affordable as possible.

Tommy is our operations manager. He is a team player with a proven track record in removals and storage.

All our company employees are highly motivated individuals and deliver high quality standards and strive for excellence. We recently retained our quality service standard BS EN 12522; making us fully compliant in all aspects of removals and storage.

We consider ourselves to be flexible and responsive to meet our customer demands. We show pride in providing service and being on top of our game.