10 Reasons Why You Need Self Storage In 2017

Whether you’re away for a month, or moving office, or any other reason, self-storage is becoming a more popular option for our clients. You might need extra space in your home, you might have items you need want to store outside the home or you may have a small business working from home, the list goes on.

At Guardian, we provide self-storage for all the space you need at minimal cost. This is compared to other options. We give you the peace of mind you need.

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Here are the main reasons why you need self-storage in 2017

Run out of space at home

People can find it difficult to part with certain belongings they no longer use. They might want to keep hold of items to then pass on to someone a little down the line or it may be one of those ‘just in case scenarios.’ It might be an old bike, a bookcase, or an old computer.  They might have furniture that they want to give to their kids once they get on the housing ladder. These are reasons why you might need to use storage when you run out of space at home.

Moving house

To avoid losing a sale, many people are needing to move out their old home before moving into their new one. In some cases, people don’t have anywhere to store their beloved belongings, in these instances, Guardian comes to the rescue with our self-storage option. If you’re moving to a smaller property and not sure what to do with some bits and bobs, then a self-storage unit will hold these items until you decide what to do next.


Some clients get worried if builders are in erecting a new extension or conservatory as they could damage your wooden furniture as they walk through the house. In this case, a self-storage unit would be ideal so you have peace of mind when your house is being refurbished.

Baby on the way

There might be a new addition to someone’s family and instead of putting everything on eBay, to clear the spare room, use a self-storage unit. Don’t throw the spare bed out or other furniture you’re not using. That would be a waste. Anyway, you might need it again in a while or after a period you could sell it.


Are you a painter, gardener or builder? Have you worried about leaving your tools in the van at night-time? At the end of the working day you can drop your tools off at our self-storage unit, under lock and key and pick them up the next day.

Garden furniture and machines

As we’ve firmly move into Autumn from Summer, the grass has been cut for the last time, now it’s time to put away your garden equipment and furniture.  You might not have space in the shed for all the items you want under lock and key, it might the extra lounger you bought at the start of the summer or the extra table. You won’t be using these items for months so a self-storage unit is a great idea as it eases space in your garage while also protecting your garden furniture.

Taking a gap year

Before entering the big bad world of work many students decide to take time out often called a ‘gap year.’ In some cases, some don’t have anywhere to store their belongings during this period.  There’s probably not any room at their parents’ house due to all the things they’ve acquired over the uni years. So, what’s the answer? A self-storage unit provided by Guardian, of course!

Working away

You might have a short-term contact away from home with work or move abroad for a period with your company. The problem is, you may own a property and plan on renting it out while you’re away. Most homeowners won’t want to keep their belongings in the house during this time. With a  self-storage unit, it will give you peace of mind when you’re away.

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The kids leaving home

The kids have left for college or university so it might be time to alter the layout of your home. The kid’s room might be turned into a spare room or you’re more adventurous you can make some money by turning the extra space into a B&B. If you’re reluctant to sell all of the non-used furniture then you can keep it in storage as you never know when the kids may return.

University students in summertime

Some students are at university during the summer months and continue on in September. They might need to move out of student halls or their flat in the in between period and they might think it’s silly to move their stuff out only to move back a few weeks later. A self-storage option gives you peace of mind as you know nobody will have access to your belongings while not having to ship them home either.

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit in the Edinburgh or further afield then please get in touch.

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