Removals Fife

If you’re planning a move to or from Fife, we can assist you. We work with families and businesses across The Kingdom to help them move – whether they’re moving office, home or abroad. Our professional removals service includes:

  • Full packing service – we provide our own custom packaging materials to ensure that your belongings are well protected and safe from damage
  • Crate Hire – if you have equipment that requires extra protection, we can provide strong crates to ensure the items stay safe during transit
  • Part load or single item – whether you’re planning a new life abroad and you’re taking every item that you own, or you just need one item moved a few miles away, we can help. Jobs of all sizes are promoted with the same care and consideration

View of Fife

Here are just a few of the locations that we cover in Fife:


Once the royal capital, Dunfermline is an extremely historically important town in the heart of Scotland with a range of interesting things to see and do. As the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie and the burial site of Robert The Bruce, the town continues to attract visitors from across the globe and is always a popular day trip with tourists visiting Edinburgh.

Dunfermline has seen an increase in the number of houses being built, as it is only a short drive from the capital and is a great commuter town. For this reason we’ve always had plenty of jobs to and from Dunfermline.

North Queensferry

North Queensferry is a only stone’s throw over the Firth of Forth, and although you might not realise it, you’ve almost certainly been here before. The village is home to some of the biggest attractions in Fife, including Deep Sea World, one of the largest and most popular public aquariums currently operating in Britain. The village is also home to former prime minister Gordon Brown.

At  only 10 miles away from the centre of Edinburgh, there’s little reason not to visit this great little village.


Known as the ‘Lang Toun’ (that’s ‘long town’ for those of you who don’t speak Scots) due to the length of the old main street, Kirkcaldy is the largest town in Fife and is brimming with families and businesses. We’ve helped countless ‘Langtonians’  with their move.


Rosyth is best known for the large dockyard that it boasts, which helps thousands of boats every year make their way across the Firth of Forth and even served as a nuclear submarine maintenance establishment during the Cold War. Plenty of people that work in the capital city are attracted to the cheaper house prices in Rosyth, so there are always families needing help with their relocation.

St Andrews

St Andrews is closer to Dundee than it is to Edinburgh, but our team can still head up here to assist with removals of all kinds. Home to one of the most famous universities in the world and considered a fantastic tourist spot, we always enjoy the drive to St Andrews.


Glenrothes is about halfway between Edinburgh and Dundee, placing it right in the heart of Fife. The town has won several horticultural awards for the impressive  parks and architecture that it boasts, and remains a popular location to live in, especially due to the central location.

If you’re based in Fife, or hope to be soon, we can help you make the move. Our professional service can cater for a range of different needs – get in touch with us today for more information.


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