Moving Home At Christmas

Christmas time is probably the most difficult time of year to move to a new house. With the amount of traffic on the roads, the harsh weather and other reasons can make the move that even more stressful.  Looking at it from another perspective, you have more free time as your off work, so you have more time to get ready for the big move.  The big motivator at end of the day should be spending Christmas in your new property.

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For the move to go smoothly, you need to plan carefully and think months ahead as factors may arise that are unique to Christmas time.  At Guardian, we’ve put together a list of tasks to do before so it all goes to plan.

Tell Family & Friends About The Move Through Christmas Cards

In some cases, you may not have planned for your move to the new home and it might be quite short notice. If you’re sending Christmas cards, you can let your family and friends know about the plan to move home without having the extra cost of sending a change of address notice.

Beware Of Bad Weather

During Winter, it can be challenging especially with travel plans and being on the road. There may be snowfall during December so watch out while the temperature can drop to below freezing which causes hazardous driving conditions to due ice.

It can be problematic during moving day too when transferring items to the new house due to snowfall. So, plan ahead and see when the next dry day will be.

If the conditions are likely to be bad it might be worth rescheduling the move under certain circumstances like if the weather forecast warns of severe gales or snow. Otherwise, you can also use a precautionary method and salt the driveway, the pathway and outside pavement. This will stop snow gathering on your driveway and enable a smooth transition of goods to our removal van.

Have Food Readily Available

This is one that a lot of movers forget at Christmas time. You won’t want to cook once the move is complete as you will have a lot on your plate like unpacking all your belongings.  Furthermore, local shops may not be open late or at all due to the holidays and the dark nights.  Make sure you get the local takeaway numbers before you moving day as this could come in handy too.

Pack Items Carefully

If you’ve decided to pack your items yourself then you should take extra care here. Your items will either have a sentimental or monetary value.  So items that to look after include passports, jewellery, photo albums etc.

Plan Far In Advance Before Moving Day

When you need to organise things for moving day, you may need to pack Christmas presents at the same time. To avoid the stress that can happen at this time of year, it’s important to pack Christmas decorations last so when you get to your new home you can unpack and make your new home Christmassy as quickly as possible.

Start packing up to a week in advance so everything is sorted in time. Make sure large furniture is dismantled as this could be a timely process. Also, label each box so you know what’s in it when it comes to unpacking.,

Pay The Bills

With the whole rush of Christmas around the corner, paying bills might be the last thing on your mind.  It’s important to get accurate bills, so take a picture of the readings you get the bill correctly. The last thing you would want would be to have your heating or lighting cut off during the holiday season.

Prepare Your New Home For Christmas

It’s important to stop by the new house before moving day so you know everything is in working order. Make sure the fireplace is ready so it’s nice and homely on Christmas Day. Also, have spare light bulbs if the case of any problems arising.

If you want the hassle taken out of moving day then get in touch with Guardian Removals who will take the stress away.

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